History of the hall  image
The hall was opened for the education of children of Egmanton who until that time had attended school in Laxton.
Laxton school closed and Laxton and Moorhouse children came to Egmanton. Two classes accommodated all children from infants to leaving age.
Large secondary school in Tuxford was opened and senior pupils transferred to that school.
The School closed totally and juniors moved to Tuxford Junior School.
Early 1970s
It had been a Church of England school and became a Church Hall but soon became run by a Village Hall Management Committee.
First major project to convert the school to a functional hall was completed with the addition of kitchen and toilets.
The hall became a Registered Charity, 109822, and the formal lease of the Hall to the Trustees was signed.
Extensive work was completed which added an additional meeting room, bar, reception porch and disable access and toilet. Since then, further improvements have been made keeping the hall update with heating system, Wi-Fi, facilities to help catering, compliance with current building, electrical and safety regulations and generally improving the ambience.
Subject to funding, we hope to replace all the main hall windows and replace the flat roof over the kitchen area.
All main hall windows replace with double-glazed units, improving our carbon foot-print.
(June) Suspended ceiling with insulation installed in the main hall, meeting room, alcove, corridor and kitchen, improving our carbon foot-print.
(September) Updated heating system to inferred panels with remote control management system, improving our carbon foot-print.
Update hall lighting system to LED with zone management system .
The hall completely re-decorated internally